FUSD: Anti-Racism Now
FUSD: Teach Anti-Racism Now

A Letter From Concerned Students, Teachers, Alumni, Parents, and Community Members

To: Fremont Board of Education President Desrie Campbell; Board of Education Members Larry Sweeney, Ann Crosbie, Dianne Jones, Michele Berke, and Student Member Zayaan Khan; and Fremont Unified School District Superintendent Christopher "CJ" Cammack

The senseless murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain,Tony McDade, Trayvon Martin, and countless other Black folks have shocked the nation. These murders have reaffirmed the reality that systemic racism exists in every community. These murders remind us that we all must commit to being actively anti-racist in order to dismantle the centuries of systemic racism that continue to oppress our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

We are a concerned group of Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) students, teachers, alumni, parents, and community members. We recognize that systemic racism is a reality in FUSD schools. Although 89% of FUSD students are non-White, only 34% of FUSD teachers are non-White. Only one of FUSD’s Grades 7-12 core novels (5%) is written by a non-White author. Black students in FUSD are 3.4 times as likely as White students to get suspended. These racial inequities in our educators, curriculum, and disciplinary actions actively harm BIPOC community members by perpetuating systemic oppression within our educational environments.

One of the most sustainable ways to enact structural change is through education. As an educational community, we must commit to learning and teaching the realities of race and systemic racism in America, California, and Fremont. We must additionally actively embody anti-racist principles for ourselves and our students. Towards that end, we strongly request that FUSD takes the following steps to integrate anti-racist practices throughout all grade levels and academic subjects of their PreK-12 curriculum:

  1. Form a diverse committee of students, teachers, parents, alumni, and community members to oversee the process of integrating anti-racist practices in FUSD. Committee members must represent every attendance area and span the PreK-12 grade spectrum. In the spirit of transparency and accountability, the committee must release plans, timelines, and progress on accomplishing the following points with the greater Fremont community.
  2. Foster a district of active anti-racist educators. Students look to administrators, teachers, and staff as role models. Unfortunately, that is difficult in FUSD because educators either do not share students’ cultural experiences or lack the training to engage with students on issues of race. Therefore, we ask that FUSD:
    1. Diversify new hires, pursuant to applicable laws. We would like FUSD’s new hires for principals, teachers, counselors, and other academic staff to reflect the demographics of the community, implemented in a phased approach beginning in the 2021-22 school year.
    2. Actively recruit at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and other institutions with a high proportion of BIPOCs.
    3. Incorporate social justice frameworks into the hiring process. This includes diversifying hiring committees and including an applicant's commitment to social justice as an evaluating metric.
    4. Mandate yearly social justice professional development including topics such as culturally relevant pedagogy and anti-racist teaching approaches.
  3. Diversify curricular content. All courses must include more content by BIPOC creators across the gender spectrum and must actively educate students about the realities of race and racism in America, past and present. Specifically, we ask that FUSD:
    1. Diversify the books read in English classes to reflect the demographics of our city, state and nation. At least half of the books assigned in each English class should be written by non-White, and particularly BIPOC, authors, implemented in a phased approach beginning in the 2021-22 school year.
    2. Implement and require an Ethnic Studies curriculum using critical pedagogy. Critical pedagogy is a way of teaching that helps students challenge dominant narratives and practices. Ethnic Studies “is the critical and interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity with a focus on the experiences and perspectives of people of color within and beyond the United States.”
    3. Embed anti-racist pedagogies in all subjects. Anti-racism should not be siloed into only one class. To deconstruct the norm of whiteness that has been embedded into our curriculum, we must actively inject anti-racist perspectives into all academic subjects. Community-compiled examples and resources are listed here.
    4. Re-evaluate the community service requirement to incorporate principles of social justice and anti-racism, and to move from a savior mentality to addressing systemic oppression.
  4. Reduce harshly punitive outcomes for BIPOC students. American schools are well-known to perpetuate a school-to-prison pipeline that disproportionately disciplines and alienates BIPOC students. FUSD is no exception, with Black students being 3.4 times as likely as White students to get suspended. Therefore, we ask that FUSD:
    1. Remove Fremont Police officers (“School Resource Officers”) from FUSD schools and instead invest in programs that promote racial equity, including restorative and transformative justice, counseling services, child care, and afterschool programs.
    2. End zero-tolerance policies that promote suspensions and expulsions. These policies disproportionately discipline BIPOC students, increasing the probability of entrance into the carceral system.
    3. Investigate the racial gap in disciplinary action and publicly release the causes of that gap as well as concrete steps the district is taking to address it.

With these actions, we believe that FUSD can begin the long path of embracing and actively encouraging anti-racist practices in its PreK-12 programs and the broader Fremont community. We believe these steps will help FUSD achieve its mission “to provide equitable opportunities to Educate, Challenge and Inspire students of all ages, talents and ability levels,” and we look forward to continuing to engage with FUSD as they move towards these reforms.


1303 Concerned FUSD Students, Teachers, Alumni, Parents, and Community Members




Fremont Unified District Teachers Association

281 FUSD Students

Ashley Wu (Horner Junior High 2021)Allison Wu (Irvington High 2021)
Nicole Lee (Irvington High 2021)Preeshia Sundarraj (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Ailana Mendiola (Irvington High 2021)Marielle Lorenzo (Irvington High 2021)
Michelle Tran (Mission San Jose High 2021)Srila Palanikumar (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Alina Ajaz (Mission San Jose High 2022)Audrey Yung (Mission San Jose High 2021)
maggie lai (Mission San Jose High 2021)  Katrina Rodriguez (Irvington High 2021)
Victoria Miao (Mission San Jose High)Katelyn Ma
Aaditya Talati (Mission San Jose High 2021)Iris Cheng (Irvington High 2021)
Alison Chan (Mission San Jose High)ava kahed (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Ayushi Kashyap (Mission San Jose High 2023)Advika Bhike (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Sindhu Guddanti (Kennedy High 2022)Jessalynn nguyen (Washington High 2021)
Nova Cusumano (Washington High 2000)  Shanthi dave (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Bianca Abello (Irvington High 2021)Erin Yang (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Jeanna (Mission San Jose High 2017)Kaleenaodessa Estores (Irvington High 2021)
Alisha Bhat (Irvington High 2023)Shamita Bhattacharjee (Irvington High 2023)
Matthew Li (Kennedy High 2022)Ellen Fang (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Rohan Mathuria (Mission San Jose High 2014)Hannah Kam (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Ananya Rajeshkumar (Kennedy High 2022)Navya Muppidi (American High 2022)
Erin Martinez (Kennedy High 2021)  Samhita Vallamreddy (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Alana Weinstein (American High 2024)William Yu (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Aditi Morumganti (Mission San Jose High 2022)Aditi Mathur (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Devanshi Shah (Irvington High 2022)Alana Paje (Kennedy High 2024)  
Selina Song (Irvington High 2023)Angelina Kalathoti (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Giavanna Deperio (Forest Park Elementary 2026)Arielle Dong (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Elizabeth (Kennedy High 2024)Kaylee Wei (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Kaylee Wei (Mission San Jose High 2023)Aarthi Kannan (American High 2021)
Eashan Dhodapkar (Mission San Jose High 2023)Claire Chiu (Mission San Jose High 2015)
My Duong Chedo (American High 2022)Rhea Sarkar (Hopkins Junior High 2024)
Joey Jordan (American High 2017)Ben Tran (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Sumedh Chavarkar (Mission San Jose High 2022)Michelle Nguyen (Irvington High 2024)  
Jackie Wang (Mission San Jose High 2023)Emily Clubs (Hopkins Junior High 2024)
Chang-Lynn Tan (Mission San Jose High 2023)Karmen Johal (Mission San Jose High 2024)
Aaryan Rustagi (Irvington High 2023)Evie Sun (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Isabelle Fu (Mission San Jose High 2024)Suma Vintha (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Katherine Xie (Mission San Jose High 2023)Isha Nambisan (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Saanvi Krishnarajpet (Hopkins Junior High 2021)nitya kommineni (Hopkins Junior High 2020)
Azra Tasneem (Mission San Jose High 2022)Esha Potharaju (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Michelle Jayaraj (Hopkins Junior High 2021)Katie Tang (Hopkins Junior High 2024)
Sarina Li (Mission San Jose High 2023)Katherine Liang (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Paige Schurman (Mission San Jose Elementary 2021)Sharra Kutty (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Remy Francisco (Irvington High 2021)Justin Wong (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Kushal Chattopadhyay (Mission San Jose High 2021)Anish Kashyap (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Avyay Varadarajan (Mission San Jose High 2021)Adyant Patnaik (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Ashish Basetty (Mission San Jose High 2021)Lucina Tonoyan (Mission San Jose High 2024)
Vivian Lam (Mission San Jose High)Allison Zheng (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Terry Wang (Hopkins Junior High 2021)Shreya Jha (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Nouha Hassani (Mission San Jose High 2022)Serena Lo (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Paige Chen (Irvington High 2024)raksha katta (Horner Junior High 2024)
Serena Cai (Mission San Jose High 2023)amrutha potnuru (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Harshini Vakkalagadda (American High 2020)Arushi Munjal (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Karthikha Sri Indran (Mission San Jose High 2022)Erica Wooding (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Dishita Jhawar (Mission San Jose High 2022)Kirsten Valmonte (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Noopur Desai (Mission San Jose High 2017)Aiswarya Aluru (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Grace Phang (Irvington High 2024)Harnoor Nagra (Irvington High 2023)
Niserg Desai (Mission San Jose High 2022)Aashi Khandelwal (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Nithya Raghunath (American High 2024)Sahithi Adiraju (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Nirati Gautam (Mission San Jose High 2010)Vipransh sinha (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Nisheet Panda (Mission San Jose High 2023)  Julia Dil (Irvington High 2022)  
Mihir Gadre (Horner Junior High)Tanisha Srivatsa (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Katelyn Twist (Kennedy High 2021)  Sanmathi Ethindra (Mission San Jose High 2022)
anika shah (Washington High 2021)  varsha sathish (Mission San Jose High 2024)
Jaidee Valasa (Mission San Jose High 2023)Trisha Hsu (Hopkins Junior High 2020)
Athul Krishnan (Mission San Jose High 2022)Yunessa Rodriguez (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Govind Nainani (Mission San Jose High 2023)Diya Chatwani (Mission San Jose High 2023)  
Monica Calderon (Mission San Jose High 2023)annabelle ye (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Mei (Esther) Lau (Mission San Jose High 2023)Kailyn Yu (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Isabelle Fu (Mission San Jose High 2024)Tias Ghosh (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Bradley Tyler Crothers (Irvington High 2021)sanjana tatavarthi (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Samarth Tewari (Mission San Jose High 2023)Katie Tang (Hopkins Junior High 2024)
Mikaela Hammers (Mission San Jose High 2022)Smaran Mishra (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Abigail Villalobos (Mission San Jose High 2024)Sumaya Azhar (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Yamini Malli (Mission San Jose High 2021)Sahil Najeeb (Mission San Jose High 2022)  
Alireza khatibi (Mission San Jose High 2022)Michael Lopez (Irvington High 2022)
Sinchana Nama (Mission San Jose High 2023)Tanushka Joshi (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Paige Dong (Irvington High 2021)Sinchan Mishra (American High 2023)
Christine Pham (Mission San Jose High 2023)Josiah Montez-Herrera (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Stella Cheng (Mission San Jose High 2021)Jennifer Liong (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Shruti Atitkar (Mission San Jose High 2022)Rebecca Limary (Irvington High 2021)
Charlotte Chung (Irvington High 202-)Nicole Zhi (Irvington High 2022)
Sahana Seth (Hopkins Junior High 2020)Urvi Chaubal (Irvington High 2022)
Paloma David (Mission San Jose High 2022)Edward Lin (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Ritam Nandi (Mission San Jose High 2023)Ananya Thota (Irvington High 2023)
abram bryce talavera (Mission San Jose High 2021)shrini chowdhury (Horner Junior High 2024)
zhicheng zhu (Mission San Jose High 2023)Melanie Xiong (Washington High 2021)
Nirel Indurkar (American High 2023)Tannvi Banerjee (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Lohita Vadlamudi (Irvington High 2022)  Sonali Pandey (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Dixie Normous (Irvington High 2022)Shatkratu Swarnkar (Mission San Jose High 2022)
nicole wu (Irvington High 2023)Joanna Wang (Irvington High 2021)
Aeon Purisima (Irvington High 2021)Andrew Choi (Irvington High 2021)
Phoebe lai (Irvington High 2021)Jennie Wang (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Vinish Dhir (Irvington High 2021)Hasika Sridhar (Mission San Jose High 2021)  
Krrish Kainth (Mission San Jose High 2022)Bella Jiang (American High 2021)  
Ashley Lee (American High 2021)Aarthi Raghavan (Thornton Junior High 2024)
Manasvi Gondi (American High 2022)Saira Mathur (American High 2021)
kiarra bautista (American High 2024)Devang Bhatnagar (American High 2021)
Srinidhi Sampath (American High 2024)Lance Arnoco (2022)
Jeffrey Wei (American High 2021)Darren Kuboyama (American High 2022)
Deeya Jain (American High 2022)Ian Park (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Riya Gantla (American High 2021)Anusha Nayak (American High 2022)
Keren Skariah (American High 2023)Anna Kishnani (American High 2021)
Utkarsh NathRachana Aithal (American High 2022)
Catherine Simon (American High 2020)  Barkha Trivedi (Thornton Junior High)
Jessica Singh (Mission San Jose High)Emma Walker (American High 2021)
Abinayaa Murugupandiyan (American High 2022)Amulya Manoj (American High 2024)
Michelangelo Reyes (American High 2017)Kelvin Pellom (American High 2014)
Jeffrey Cao (Irvington High 2021)  Kelly Joyce (Irvington High 2021)
Siri Manthapuri (Irvington High 2023)Sammith Belur (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Vincent Nghiem (American High 2024)Angeline Liu (Irvington High 2021)  
Shreyas Verma (Irvington High 2023)Sneha Anantharaman (American High 2021)
Drishti Gupta (Irvington High 2021)  Aditya Bashyam (Irvington High 2023)
jayde wang (Irvington High 2021)Ginger Hu (Irvington High 2022)
Don Nguyen (Irvington High 2021)Anika Konkati (Irvington High 2023)
Iris Zhong (American High 2019)Raina Kakani (American High 2021)
Sachi Huilgol (Irvington High)Priyanka Samant (Irvington High 2023)
Megha Hegde (Mission San Jose High 2024)Falak Vakharia (American High)
Jasmine Truong (American High 2021)  Madeline Hwang (American High 2022)
Gokul Velayoudame (Mission San Jose High 2023)Anandita Devata (Mission San Jose High 2024)
Valerie Chang (American High 2021)Vani Aggarwal (American High 2021)
Neha Mann (American High 2021)Mruthika Praburam (Hopkins Junior High 2024)
Genevie T. Concepcion (Mission San Jose High 2021)Haylie Tan (American High 2023)
pragya maruwada (American High 2022)Veda Periwal (American High 2021)
Anagha Kulkarni (American High 2023)Elena Fu (American High 2021)
Samir Walai (Irvington High 2022)Krish Ananth (American High 2021)
Eileen Nguyen (Washington High 2022)Ares Fazio (Washington High 2021)
Aarthi Kannan (American High 2021)Anam Mughal (Irvington High 2021)
Sienna Gomez (Centerville Junior High 2025)Allison Huang (American High 2022)
James Fong (Mission San Jose High 2020)Mehul Maurya (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Anusha Srinivas (Mission San Jose High 2022)Mahitha Mamilla (American High 2024)
Sophia Chan (American High 2021)Diya Kamath (American High 2022)
Rishabh Agarwal (Irvington High 2021)Evelyn chen (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Elora Das (Washington High 2023)Sophia Lopez Gutierrez (Thornton Junior High 2021)
Taha haboub (Mission San Jose High 2023)Katherine Do (Kennedy High)
Lara Alswafta (Irvington High 2024)Tanusree Banerjee (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Alina Zeng (Mission San Jose High 2022)aniket panda (Washington High 2022)
Tasneem Mehtab (Thornton Junior High 2021)mehak sandhu (Thornton Junior High 2025)
Kaya Misra (Thornton Junior High 2021)Rhea Ray (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Ankita Sriram (Mission San Jose High 2024)Elaheh Khazi (Mission San Jose High 2023)  
Anchal Kaur (Washington High 2023)Amulya Harish (Mission San Jose High 2023)  
Serena Cai (Mission San Jose High 2023)  Sharan Tamber (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Surabhi Kuchibhotla (Mission San Jose High 2023)Sarina Li (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Saanvi Krishnarajpet (Hopkins Junior High 2025)

165 FUSD Teachers, Administration, or Staff

Monique Manjarrez (Mattos Elementary)  Jenny Appelgren (Oliveira Elementary 2004)  
Cara Coleman (Weibel Elementary 1996)  Sammy Yu (Oliveira Elementary)
Sai Kumar (Mission San Jose High)Lisa Huggins (Oliveira Elementary)  
Alicia Norling (Green Elementary)  Jaime Richards (Centerville Junior High)  
Nancy Benton (Mission San Jose High)  Joan Carroll (Oliveira Elementary)
Jennifer Diane Uhlig (Vallejo Mill Elementary)  Veronica Garcia (Vallejo Mill Elementary)
Mei Ng (Vallejo Mill Elementary)Becky Whitaker (Vallejo Mill Elementary)
Anna Sophia martinezCarolina Barraza (Gomes Elementary)
Kathryn Straub (Vallejo Mill Elementary)Athena Karantzalis (Washington High)
Joshua Hunter (Kennedy High)Rita M. Zimmerman (Vallejo Mill Elementary)  
BRIAN RATH (Mission San Jose High)Raks (Hopkins Junior High 2021)
John Gallagher (Forest Park Elementary)  Samantha Chang (Durham Elementary)  
Katrina Martin (Weibel Elementary)David Skillings (Irvington High)
Christine Benzler (Centerville Junior High)Stephanie Chan (Forest Park Elementary)
Beverly Sanders (Maloney Elementary)  Audrey Suratos (Robertson High)
Rebekah Reddy (Irvington High)Mugdha patil (Mission San Jose High)  
Nicolle Ramos (Green Elementary)  Jennifer Lafferty (Mission San Jose Elementary)
Neha Ojeda (Horner Junior High)MARGI THOMAS (Kennedy High)  
Ryan Marple (Mission San Jose High)Patty Fulton (Brookvale Elementary)  
Hannah Moreno (Patterson Elementary)christina curoso (Weibel Elementary)
Stella Lampsas (Weibel Elementary)  Miriam Eugenio (Warwick Elementary)
Justin Valencia (Horner Junior High)  Christopher Luebke   
Karen Cassebeer (Leitch Elementary)Eileen Burns-Jin  
Serena Suranyi (Warwick Elementary)  Erin Castillo (Kennedy High WHS 2009)  
Kimberley A Campisano (Washington High)Michele Munro (Forest Park Elementary)  
Jasmine Zartman (Kennedy High)  Jerry Lapiroff (Kennedy High)  
Courtney Lynn Bridges (Irvington High)Melissa Caputo  
Kathryn Linton (Irvington High)  indra R Lynch (Warm Springs Elementary)
Rebecca Kim Nguyen (Weibel Elementary)  Nicole Ferguson Black (Weibel Elementary)  
Nicole Ferguson Black (Weibel Elementary)  Ryan Howard (American High)
Alyssa Sacher (Niles Elementary)Sarah Clark (Glenmoor Elementary)  
Juan Angel Madrigal (Thornton Junior High)  Samantha Davis (Green Elementary (MSJHS 1998))  
Jason Williams (Centerville Junior High)Ariela Koehler (Irvington High)  
Jill Evans (Mission San Jose High)Mariapia Garces
Stephanie Ynzunza (Brookvale Elementary)MaryAnne Cariño (Hirsch Elementary)
Katherine Johnso (Chadbourne Elementary)  Linda Kowalski (Weibel Elementary)  
William Edwards (Washington High)Joy Suh (Chadbourne Elementary)  
Sherri Hamilton (Parkmont Elementary)Lori Luevano (Maloney Elementary)  
Diana Joost (Azevada Elementary)Connie Bi-On (Brookvale Elementary)
Glynis MasonMaggie Burns (Patterson Elementary)
Tiffany Stelle-Billman (Mission San Jose High)  Sheena Prasad (Oliveira Elementary)
Rachelle M. Artelt (Ardenwood Elementary)  Shari Kinney (Kennedy High 1992)
Lauren Mattingly (Irvington High)  Ida Wong (Warm Springs Elementary)
Julie (Maloney Elementary)  Jenny Horowitz  
Dolores Vera-valdez (Washington High)  Jackie Nefdt
Robert Fang (Patterson Elementary)  Sulakshna Anand (Irvington High)
Roger Armstrong (Chadbourne Elementary)Jitin Sharma (Mission San Jose High)
Gloria Anderson (Durham Elementary)  David Skillings (Irvington High)
Krista Claassen (Brier Elementary)  Danielle Bouchard (Thornton Junior High)
Sarah Monte (Robertson High)  Aubrey Wong (Mission Valley Elementary)  
Tisha L. Tinsley (Brookvale Elementary)  Lena Stephens (Brookvale Elementary)
Carl Bullard (Washington High)Sarah Nauss (American High)  
Lily Van Osdol (Thornton Junior High)  Laura Urban (Thornton Junior High)
Kevin Hammond (Oliveira Elementary)  Teacher
Paul Cumpian (Walters Middle)  Cathryn Oliver Brown (Parkmont Elementary)  
Rachel Passinsky (Oliveira Elementary)Laura Romo (Cabrillo Elementary)
Mohamed Algarmi (Centerville Junior High)  Julie Rooney (Irvington High)  
Lisa Marie Moro (Green Elementary)  Karen Hernandez (Glenmoor Elementary)  
Nandhininathan (Horner Junior High)Lindsey Schaefer (Oliveira Elementary)
Ms. Burton (Irvington High)Kathy Bidwell (Glankler Early Learning Center)  
Grace Garay (Glankler Early Learning Center)  Reja Alzaghari (Glankler Early Learning Center)
Catherine Lim (Green Elementary)Jennifer Otrosina (Glankler Early Learning Center)  
Paul Cornett (Hopkins Junior High)  Maria Ponssen  
Cheri Gholston (Horner Junior High)  Lauren Goldeen (Leitch Elementary)
Tiffany Yao (Brookvale Elementary)  Maria G Gonzalez (American High)  
Anna Enguidanos (Glankler Early Learning Center)Jocelyn Lew (Maloney Elementary)
John Creger (American High)  Neha Ojeda
Caitlyn Marianacci (Durham Elementary)  Alphonso Thompson (Washington High)
Andrew Kollen (Irvington High)Tony Bellotti (Mission San Jose High)
Jennifer Teguia (Kennedy High)  Suzanne Thompson (Chadbourne Elementary)  
I Louise Gordon (Glankler Early Learning Center)  Lisa Moro (Green Elementary)
Aneri Rodriguez (Millard Elementary)  Emily Casey (Warm Springs Elementary)  
Christina Curoso (Weibel Elementary)Erin Giraudbit (Oliveira Elementary)
Jasmine Fujisawa (Green Elementary)Sandra Silva (Green Elementary)  
Heather McDonnell (Maloney Elementary)Joanna Lin
Stephanie Jay (Maloney Elementary)  Angela Tsang (Maloney Elementary)
Bryan Kilby (Weibel Elementary)  Krista Kelley (Forest Park Elementary)  
Danielle Bouchard (Thornton Junior High)  Tonia J. Bloom (Gomes Elementary)  
Edie Birbeck (Hopkins Junior High)Samantha Briggs (Walters Middle)  
mehebub karmali (Mission San Jose High)  Megan Huey (Forest Park Elementary)
Mona Lele (Forest Park Elementary)Krista Krishna (Mission San Jose Elementary)  
Lakshmi Narayanan  Bryan Kilby (Weibel Elementary)  
SAMANTHA BRIGGS (Walters Middle)  

569 FUSD Alumni

Amal Nanavati (Mission San Jose High 2014)  Aatash Parikh (Mission San Jose High 2010)  
Alice Cheng (Mission San Jose High 2016)Jamie Lam
Catherine Wang (Mission San Jose High 2015)Priya Talreja (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Neha Dubey (Mission San Jose High 2017)Shivam Parikh (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Isaiah Zachariah (American High 2018)  Alexis Payne (Kennedy High 2006)  
Nithya Rajeev (Mission San Jose High 2016)  Anuj Nanavati (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Emily Zheng (Mission San Jose High 2016)Arti Patankar (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Mansi Shah (Mission San Jose High 2015)  Thomas Noble (American High 2004)
Shirin Purkayastha (Mission San Jose High 2014)Zoe Lu (Mission San Jose High 2009)
Vanessa Morales (Mission San Jose High 2016)Shayna Kothari (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Joyce (Mission San Jose High 2014)Annaliese Lemler (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Justin Yuerandeep (Weibel Elementary 1998)
Jeffrey Tsui (Mission San Jose High 2009)Owais Mahesri (Irvington High 2005)
Laila Rahman (Mission San Jose High 2017)Marianne Rara (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Kai Goodman (Mission San Jose High 2016)Husain Misherghi (Irvington High 2004)
Courtney Yu (Mission San Jose High 2016)George Wang (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Justine Tsai (Mission San Jose High 2011)  hanniya zohdi (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Kavitta Ghai (Irvington High 2015)  Alisha Matharu (Mission San Jose High 2015)  
Pooja Dubey (Mission San Jose High 2015)Harikaran Subbaraj (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Betty Bei (Mission San Jose High 2014)Reisa Rara (Mission San Jose High 2009)
Bernice Yu (Mission San Jose High 2018)Sarah Pereira (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Mugdha Kulkarni (Mission San Jose High 2014)Robert Chen (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Jennifer Anderson (Mission San Jose High 2001)Dean Luo (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Ada Kwong (Mission San Jose High 2013)Arpita Gaggar (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Laura Chen (Mission San Jose High 2015)Mina Chen (Mission San Jose High 2010)
Alyssa Zhao (Mission San Jose High 2016)Rick Shi (Mission San Jose High 2009)
Alice Zhao (Mission San Jose High 2012)Bowei Liu (Mission San Jose High 2010)
Maggie Tsai (Mission San Jose High 2012)Nimeshika Jayachandran (Mission San Jose High 2008)
Alena Zhang (Warm Springs Elementary 2016)Simran Bhullar (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Heather Wang (Mission San Jose High 2016)Joleen Chen (Mission San Jose High 2012)
Elizabeth Wu (Mission San Jose High 2013)Audrey Wu (Mission San Jose High 2011)
Sasha Alcon (Mission San Jose High 2011)Amaya Wooding (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Claire Zhang (Mission San Jose High 2016)Betsy Pichardo (Irvington High 2020)
Isabel Suh (Mission San Jose High 2020)Jonathan Yuan (Mission San Jose High 2012)
Alison Sun (Irvington High 2020)Saisha Singh (Irvington High 2019)
Thea Sarino (Mission San Jose High 2019)  Shawna Holmes (Mission San Jose High 1983)  
Avery Jeanne Smith (Mission San Jose High 2018)Teresa Joseph (Irvington High 2020)
Casey Liu (Mission San Jose High 2015)Nicholas Ha (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Christian Jared Aleman (Mission San Jose High 2019)  Manjima Sarkar (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Claire Yung (Mission San Jose High 2018)Valerie Tsai (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Rushalee Nirodi (Mission San Jose High 2017)Angela Hu (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Abhiram Devata (Mission San Jose High 2019)Samuel Kung (Mission San Jose High 2016)
rurdrik (Mission San Jose Elementary 2016)Rachel Hsiao (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Sonya Wong (Mission San Jose High 2016)Gurleen Gill (Mission San Jose High 2014)
Ishan Goyal (Mission San Jose High 2014)  Tiffany Sung (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Brian Zhao (Mission San Jose High 2015)Celina Lee (Mission San Jose High 2018)  
Sanat Hegde (Mission San Jose High 2019)Vina Kong (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Waylon Peng (Mission San Jose High 2018)Emeline Tu (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Varun Viswanath (Mission San Jose High 2015)Khanh Nguyen (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Vasundhara Acharya (Mission San Jose High 2014)Rupjit Singh (American High 2014)
Hanna Naum-Stoian (Mission San Jose High 2013)Hana Nip (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Tingting Bi (Mission San Jose High 2015)Jeanette Lujan (Kennedy High 2008)
Helen Chen (Mission San Jose High 2020)Shruthi Satyanarayana (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Simren Kaur (Mission San Jose High 2015)  Ainsley McClure (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Allison Hwang (Mission San Jose High 2012)Jeremy Wang (Mission San Jose High 2018)
shannin singh (Mission San Jose High)Sindi Ramirez (Irvington High 1996)
Justin Juan (Mission San Jose High 2012)Vaishnavi Dornadula (Mission San Jose High 2017)  
Marina Dalarossa (Mission San Jose High 2017)Michelle Dalarossa (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Valentina Fung (Mission San Jose High 2010)Alison Lee (Mission San Jose High 2009)
Shannia Fu (Mission San Jose High 2013)Zainub vellani (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Crystal Cheng (Mission San Jose High 2014)Christina Yu (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Sherry He (Mission San Jose High 2012)James Ho (Mission San Jose High 2012)
Polly Ma (Mission San Jose High 2012)Lucy Huang (American High 2014)
Melissa Dalarossa (Mission San Jose High 2017)Shivani Patel (Mission San Jose High 2014)
Alvin Li (Mission San Jose High 2017)Thomas Feng (Mission San Jose High 2012)
Kim nguyen (Mission San Jose High 2012)Catherine Chen (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Charles Guan (Mission San Jose High)Melinda Wang (Mission San Jose High)
Taylor Jang (Mission San Jose High 2014)Keval Parikh (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Emily Kao (Mission San Jose High 2014)Elizabeth Xu (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Shafee Syed-Quadri (Irvington High 2020)Dana Gurion (Mission San Jose High 2014)
Shraesht Mehta Chitkara (Mission San Jose High 2020)Abhijeet Kulkarni (Mission San Jose High 2007)
Ryan Kao (Mission San Jose High 2019)Amit Bhat (Irvington High 2019)
Michelle Ng (Mission San Jose High 2018)Srinidhi Sankar (Irvington High 2019)
Yoon Kyung Lee (Mission San Jose High 2015)Darren Li (Mission San Jose High 2014)
Lin Thura (Irvington High 2011)Grace Dong (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Carina Yuen (Mission San Jose High 2020)Ryan Habibi (American High 2013)
George John (American High 2013)Kunaal Naik (Mission San Jose High 2014)
Sabrina Liu (Mission San Jose High 2017)Vijay Sudu (American High 2013)
Keena Desai (American High 2013)Eric Cheng (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Rahul Easaw (American High 2013)Mounika Ellanti (American High 2014)
Anshi Itchhaporia (American High 2013)Abhijit Brahme (American High 2014)
Avantika Mundkur (American High 2013)Jordeen Chang (Mission San Jose High 2012)
Abena Oni (Mission San Jose High 2012)Jessica Xu (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Amanda Lo (Mission San Jose High 2014)Grace Jiang (2018)
Nikita Chigullapally (American High 2018)Kanchan Raju (Mission San Jose Elementary 2020)
Shreyas Arora (Mission San Jose High 2020)Anita Sun (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Steven Xie (Mission San Jose High 2020)Iris Lin (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Roy Ho (Mission San Jose High 2015)Cindy Ding (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Rebekah Rajadurai (Mission San Jose High 2020)Eric Ma (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Melody Fang (Mission San Jose High 2013)Lilly Nusratty (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Ojash Neopane (Irvington High 2014)Kayla Hirsch (American High 2018)  
George Lan (American High 2019)Brittany Tran (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Ayesha Desai (American High 2020)Puneet Bansal (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Vivienne Lin (Mission San Jose High 2020)Shiantel Chiang (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Sarika pradhan (Mission San Jose High 2020)Alina Reyes (American High 2018)
Akul Shourie (Mission San Jose High 2020)Shannon Chen (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Lucy Wu (American High 2013)Cassidy Sun (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Jaiminy (Mission San Jose High 2020)Cody Wang (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Natalie Sin (Mission San Jose High 2016)Shivani Soni (Irvington High 2015)
Lucy Szeto (Mission San Jose High 2016)Grace Fang (2019)  
Ashley Hin (American High 2019)Aliya Karmali (Mission San Jose High 1998)
Patricia Paje (Kennedy High 2017)  Rithvik Baratam (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Karen Liao (Mission San Jose High 2015)Amanda Fung (Mission San Jose High 2010)
Stephanie He (Mission San Jose High 2015) Wayland Yee (2010)
Shikha Yashwant Kothari (Mission San Jose High 2008)Victoria McJunkin (American High 2017)  
Anaamika Nair (Mission San Jose High 2020)Linda Shih (Mission San Jose High 2012)
Siddarth Sen (Mission San Jose High 2012)Amber Lee (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Chakshu (Mission San Jose High 2016)  Kimiko Scherf-Motoyoshi (American High 2018)
Jamie Liao (Irvington High 2017)Joani Wong (Mission San Jose High 2015)  
Sabah Khokhar (American High 2014)Kelly Duong (American High 2017)
Sanil Chawla (Mission San Jose High 2018)  Aparajita Pathak (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Winnie Xu (Mission San Jose High 2019)  Amanda Nguyen (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Jason Yun (Mission San Jose High 2020)Tiffany Ho (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Cherin Koh (Mission San Jose High 2018)  Patrick Jin (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Sonia Dassapa (Mission San Jose High 2011)Amar Srinivas (Mission San Jose High 2012)
Nealay Vasavda (Mission San Jose High 2012)Renee Tsang (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Christine Yu (Mission San Jose High 2017)Erica Hwang (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Akshay Nanavati (Mission San Jose High 2011)Vaidehi Raghu Raman (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Selene Huang (Mission San Jose High 2018)Joshua Kingsley (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Cindy YuanHana Sheikh (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Chelsea Zhao (Mission San Jose High 2018)Savina Johal (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Shreyas Sharma (2018)Angela Xu (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Keerthana Routhu (Irvington High 2017)Preethi Merugumala (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Faiyaz Chaudhury (2019)Shubhankar Sharan (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Michelle Tsang (Mission San Jose High 2009)Eamon Jahani (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Jazmine Tabili (Irvington High 2017)Lucille Njoo (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Anjali Bhagat (Mission San Jose High 2018)Natasha Rao (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Euni Kim (Mission San Jose High 2013)Christina Pham (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Samantha Lin (Mission San Jose High 2015)Irisa Lee (Mission San Jose High 2014)
Jasmine Syu (Mission San Jose High 2018)  Arsalon Pirzada (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Ahsan Syed (Irvington High 2015)Serena Huang (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Anum Qazi (Mission San Jose High 2015)Loren K (Mission San Jose High 2016)  
Aditi Harish (Mission San Jose High 2016)Seona Patel (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Jaycee Horng (Mission San Jose High 2019)  Apurva A (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Janice Chiu (Mission San Jose High 2012)Jonathan Lin (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Emma Zhang (Mission San Jose High 2013)Rebecca Wang (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Sruti Raman (Mission San Jose High)Neha Ranjan (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Anusha Murshed (Mission San Jose High 2016)Kaitlin Hsu (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Victor Meng (Mission San Jose High 2018)Timothy Krishnadas (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Adithya Jay (Mission San Jose High 2015)Kara Wong (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Shayaan Qazi (Mission San Jose High 2011)Sabrina Leung (Mission San Jose High 2014)
Pavi Bhatter (Mission San Jose High 2017)Neha Pamidi (Irvington High 2017)
Meghana Lingannagari (Mission San Jose High 2017)Jamie Lin (Mission San Jose High 2011)
Jennifer Lau (Mission San Jose High 2016)Sanjana Raman (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Sanjana Gundala (Mission San Jose High 2017)Tiffany Huang (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Melissa Peng (Mission San Jose High 2015)Riya Prahlad (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Aditi T (American High 2020)Noopur Desai (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Harshita Gupta (Mission San Jose High 2016)Mallika Gupta (Mission San Jose High 2018)  
Arnav Gautam (Mission San Jose High 2014)Vivian Zhao (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Austin Chen (Mission San Jose High 2018)  Emon Datta (Irvington High 2014)
Jumi Yoon (Mission San Jose Elementary)Archisha Datta (American High 2020)
Sanya Sehgal (Irvington High 2014)Disha Mevada (Irvington High 2017)
Victoria Schmit (Mission San Jose High 2021)Nistha Panda (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Juhi Dalal (Mission San Jose High 2015)Sydney Jin Choi (American High 2013)
Natasha kiri (Irvington High 2016)  Frankie Tanjuatco (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Alex Nite (Kennedy High 2020)Tigersunny Chen (Irvington High 2016)
Savina Khangura (Mission San Jose High 2011)Amber Lee (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Ishani Pandya (Mission San Jose High 2019)Tammy Tran (Kennedy High 2020)  
Sanchala Sehgal (Irvington High 2014)Tiffanie Lo (American High 2013)
Jasmine Lew (Circle of Independent Learning 2018)Shannon Holbrook (Mission San Jose Elementary 1996)
Brittany Bloomer (Niles Elementary 1996)Megan Wong (Washington High 2002)
Leslie Knechtel (American High 2006)Shruti More (Irvington High 2014)
Kristin Fischer (Mission San Jose High 1996)Rashi Saxena (Irvington High 2014)
Sherry Wang-Axelrod (Mission San Jose High 1992)Joshua Dudley (Mission San Jose High 1994)
Audrey Chu (Mission San Jose High 2017)Samrat Ghosh (Mission San Jose High 2020)
Timothy Ng (Mission San Jose High 2019)Matthew Ong (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Marisol Barajas (American High 1995)Helen Wang (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Lindy Zeng (Mission San Jose High 2014)Sachi Tolani (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Jessica Mar (Mission San Jose High 2016)Twamasi Ghosh (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Katherine Wong (American High 2000)Kelsey Leon (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Jay shah (American High 2007)Pallavi Somusetty (Mission San Jose High 1998)
Vivek Datta (Mission San Jose High 2017)Shivani Pandey (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Neeti Dhomse (Mission San Jose High 2019)Madeline Ko (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Victoria Tran (Irvington High 2018)Kavitha Hari (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Clifford Wang (Mission San Jose High)Liang-Yi Lee (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Nikhita Bandreddi (Mission San Jose High 2016)Shefali Deshpande (American High 2011)
Aneri Parikh (Mission San Jose High 2018)Karan Kumar (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Aanchal Chadda (Mission San Jose High 2021)Kathryn Wallster (American High 1999)
Kunal Agarwal (Mission San Jose High 2017)Anisha Acharya (2019)
Annie Zeng (Mission San Jose High 2020)Zaki Khan (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Lucia Li (Mission San Jose High 2020)Brian Zhao (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Anna Wu (Mission San Jose High 2019)Michael Martines Lovings (American High 1983)
Christie Pollet-Young (American High 1992)Kelsey Alberts (American High 2013)
Stephanie Dutra (Mission San Jose High 2019)Vivika Fernes (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Laya Gollapudi (Mission San Jose High 2016)Hayley Arima (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Brittani Gomes (Irvington High 2009)AJ Herget (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Jacinda Chan (Mission San Jose High 2014)Willy Kim (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Cherie Zhi (Irvington High 2019)Sunya (Irvington High 2009)
Jeffrey Chen (Mission San Jose High 2014)Stephanie Cao (Irvington High 2009)
Monisha Saxena (Mission San Jose High 2020)Chrish Vandra (American High 2017)
Jessica Yang (Mission San Jose High 2019)Ryan Choi (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Shalandy Zhang (Mission San Jose High 2016)Himaja Jangle (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Shriya Ambre (Irvington High 2019)Rustie Lin (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Ashley Pangelinan (Irvington High 2006)  Allison Rost (Washington High 1999)
Camyll Reyes (Irvington High 2019)  Sarah Chowdhury (Irvington High 2019)
Colin Graham Golder (2016)Jeremy Mak (Mission San Jose High 2014)
Crystal Hsu (Irvington High 2019)Jason Locke (Mission San Jose High 1991)
Athithi Janakiraman (Irvington High 2019)Vinamar Sidhu (Irvington High 2018)
Lindsey Bilick (Irvington High 2019)Nikki Sisodia (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Karen Young (American High 1987)Taruna Neelakantan (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Lucas Seifu (Irvington High 2009)Stephon thomas (Kennedy High 2017)
Andrew Chen (Mission San Jose High 2018)Adina Chen (Irvington High 2019)
Nicole Burgess (Irvington High 2008)Janell Koide (American High 2011)
Emily Tran (Irvington High 2018)Bob Chen (Irvington High 2008)
Keshav Kundassery (Mission San Jose High 2017)Rajvi Joshi (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Nikhita Kandikuppa (Irvington High 2019)Stephanie Ashmore (Mission San Jose High 1991)
Faye Wang (Irvington High 2019)Jacqueline Ngo (Irvington High 2019)
Abhiram Devata (Mission San Jose High 2019)Erin Zhu (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Caitlin Lee (Mission San Jose High 2019)Aastha Parekh (American High 2016)
Thomas Chen (2023)Ingrid Shan (American High 2019)  
Disha Kurane (American High 2019)Ambar mishra (American High 2019)
Kevin Fang (American High 2019)Victor Cheung (2019)
Trini Leung (Mission San Jose High 2019)Sophie Lam (American High 2019)
Avantika Nair (Irvington High 2020)Anna James (Irvington High 2017)
sydney sanders (Circle of Independent Learning 2020)Alisa Tsang (American High 2020)
Allison Bernardo (American High 2020)Sandeep Singh (American High 2010)
Niyathi Annamaneni (American High 2019)Amit Patankar (Mission San Jose High 2011)
Lavanya Singh (Mission San Jose High 2018)Chia Yu Chao (American High 2017)
Danielle Caparas (American High 2019)  Aarthi Mahesh (Mission San Jose High Class of 2018 )
Noeli Corona (Washington High 2017)Jenny Peng (American High 2019)
Maile Trapani (Mission San Jose High 1999)Cameron Jones (Mission San Jose High 1997)
Jessica Wong (Irvington High 2020)Shevanti Kumar (Irvington High 2020)
Swata Gade (Mission San Jose High 2018)Emily Liu (Irvington High 2020)
Angelique Valenzuela (American High 2019)Sunidhi Thakker (Irvington High 2020)
Victoria Trejo (American High 2019)Sujoy Guha (American High 2016)
Anya Chauhan (Irvington High 2020)Tarj Patel (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Jacqueline Lee (American High 2019)Aastha Gautam (American High 2019)
Anant Hari (Mission San Jose High 2015)Thiviya Sri Indran (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Alicia Yu (American High 2020)Sergio Serna (Mission San Jose High 1996)
Christina Byers (Mission San Jose High 1996)  Neeharika Kotte (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Anya Desai (American High 2020)Keerit Nijjar (American High 2019)  
Kitty Hu (Irvington High 2016)Nithya Sivakumar (Mission San Jose High 2015)
Shray Vaidya (Mission San Jose High 2020)Debbie Dills-Thompson (Irvington High 1996)  
Zaid Al dweiri (Washington High 2019)Ivonnie Shih (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Bobby Haynes (American High 2016)Juhi Gupta (Warwick Elementary)
Praveena Fernes (Mission San Jose High 2014)Christopher Conrad (Mission San Jose High 1998)
Vruti Patel (American High 2020)  Quinlan Armstrong Barrie (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Pragathi ShankarPranav Lodha (Mission San Jose High 2014)
Jessica Grandelli (Mission San Jose High 2004)Julie Lanier Heinrich (Mission San Jose High 2003)
Morgan Goldstein (Washington High 2008)  Holly kung (Mission San Jose High 2003)
Sandra Longoria (Irvington High 2003)Jennifer Yim (Irvington High 2006)
Anvitha Pillati (Mission San Jose High 2014)Tessa Shanley (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Gautham Sivakumar (Mission San Jose High 2018)Viplav Dodeja (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Rebecca Suen (Mission San Jose High 2008)Carrie Rohrer (Mission San Jose High 2002)
Sonia Tasser (Mission San Jose High 2018)Harsheen Tasser (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Julia Elizabeth Jones (Irvington High 2002)  Teri edwards (1972)
Paola vera (Mission San Jose High 2017)Scott Lewis (Irvington High)  
Natasha Mahmud (Irvington High 2020)Alek Gent-Vincent (Mission San Jose High 2004)
Kelly Ocon (Irvington High 2020)Nikita Prasad (Washington High 2020)
Leonard Hung (Mission San Jose High)Ashley Chung (Irvington High 2017)
Tiffany Ngo (Irvington High 2006)Elim Yang (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Ann Leong (Irvington High 2006)Claire Yee (American High 2010)  
Leo Liberman (Irvington High 2005)  Sarah Henry (Irvington High 2004)
Chelsea Dass (Mission San Jose High 2011)Kate High (Washington High 2012)  
Nehal Desai (Mission San Jose High)Melissa Palazzo (Mission San Jose High 1999)
Danielle Hsieh (Mission San Jose High 2020)  Rishabh Shastry (American High 2020)  
Dante D’Andrea (Washington High 2020)Sahana Vemula (Mission San Jose High 2018)
claudia yile shao (Mission San Jose High 2015)Arkesh D Patel (Mission San Jose High 2010)
Anna Winget (Irvington High 2001)Dawoud Mahmud (Irvington High 2017)
Roxanne Honeycutt (Mission San Jose High 1979-2015)  Chad Smith (Mission San Jose High 1999)
Abhay Aggarwal (American High 2018)Purnima Qamar (American High 2019)
Arthi Inagandla (American High 2018)SAPNA BAKSHI (American High 2018)
Umika Kumar (Irvington High 2014)Julianne Vinh (Kennedy High 2014)  
Angela Chan (Irvington High 2017)Serena Chang (American High 2019)
Karthik Mayilvahanan (Irvington High 2014)Claire Gallegos (Washington High 2014)
Tejaswini Edidi (American High 2019)Jennifer Anderson Bliss (American High 2000)  
Zuha Khan (Irvington High 2010)Rebecca Chang (Thornton Junior High 2018)
Sarah Jensen (American High 2016)  Lynn Freimanis (Mission San Jose High 2018)
Riti Mittal (Irvington High 2017)Sohinee Oswal (Irvington High 2014)
Eti Sinha (Irvington High 2014)Shreya Oswal Ramakrishnan (Irvington High 2006)  
Eva Sinha (Irvington High 2014)Pramodhini Somasekhar (Irvington High 2014)
Akhil Ganti (American High 2015)Bea Florentino (Kennedy High 2017)
Amanda Moller (American High 1993)Lori Macartney (Washington High 1972)
Genna E Garay-Enguidanos (Kennedy High 2010)Arshia Malkani (Mission San Jose High 2016)
Nava Babaei (Irvington High 2020)Annika Chen (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Catherine Yang (Mission San Jose High)Linda leen (Irvington High 2013)
Rosy (American High 2018)Nadine Renteria (2017)
Bryneth Fuller (Mission San Jose High 2017)Dorothy Luo (Mission San Jose High 2020)  
Dorothy Martin (American High 2019)Denton Xu (Mission San Jose High 2013)
Pearl Chang (Irvington High 2012)Fotoon Al-Khasib (Mission San Jose High 2019)
Michelle Tam (Irvington High 2014)  Christi Yung (Mission San Jose High 2008)
Farhan Naeem (Washington High 2017)Justin Sha (Mission San Jose High 2011)
Lance Kwan (American High 2009)  Jane Lin (American High 1980)  
Neil Chatterjee (Mission San Jose High 2019)Rosemond Ho (American High 2014)
Vincent Tian (Mission San Jose High 2012)

165 FUSD Parents

Elizabeth Whittom (Washington High 2023)  Tarrah Henrie (Brier Elementary)  
Connie Hodgeman (Azevada Elementary)  Mehebub Karmali (Mission San Jose High)  
Yesenia Ramirez (Grimmer Elementary)Walelign Aynetaw (Glenmoor Elementary)
Marie Hughes (Washington High 2018)Antonio Birbeck-Herrera (Washington High)
Hong Li (Horner Junior High)Christina Melnarik (Washington High)
Jenifer Hampton (Brookvale Elementary)Roció Quinonez (Vallejo Mill Elementary 2022)
Shubha Kashinath (Mission San Jose High 2023)Preethi (Mission San Jose High)
Kiran Mani (Gomes Elementary)Archana (Mission San Jose High)
Roopa Malavally (Mission San Jose High 2023)Madhu Nama (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Aruna Muvva (Mission San Jose High 2003)Padma Gopalakrishnan (Mission San Jose High 2024)
Amit Wasson (Mission San Jose High)Krishna Kuchibhotla (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Joanna Scafuto (Mission San Jose High 2021,2022,2026)Veena Kumari (Mission San Jose High)
Sangeeta Khandelwal (Mission San Jose High 2022)  SirishacYarida (Mission Valley Elementary)
Rosa Leticia Leyva (Vallejo Mill Elementary)Bhuvana (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Anu Shukla (Mission San Jose High 2023)Julie Spivey (Mattos Elementary)  
Kiira Greene (Mattos Elementary)Sameer Nanavati (Mission San Jose High 2017)
Charu Gohel (Mission San Jose High 2021)Rakshyaini (Mission San Jose High 2018)  
Ramesh Kodnani (Mission San Jose High)Lavina Mehta (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Arunabh Hazarika (Mission San Jose High)Jyoti Hurria (Mission San Jose High)
Marina vityuk (Mission San Jose Elementary 2024)  Swati Sinha (Mission San Jose High)
LEENA DAVEY (Mission San Jose High)Aruna Gummalla (Mission San Jose High)
Shwetha Alampalli (Mission San Jose High 2022)Teresa Silva (Thornton Junior High 2025)
Amna Jaffer (Mission San Jose High)Jennifer lu (Mission San Jose High 2021)
Judy Nam (Mission San Jose High 2023)Sogoul (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Sophie (Mission San Jose High 2022)Chaitanya P
Sarita Mokha (Mission San Jose High 2013)Marinell Lum
Jessica Tan (Chadbourne Elementary)Chaya Nanavati (Mission San Jose High)
Christine K (Mission San Jose High 2019)Julee Pandya (Washington High 2023)
Rajiv Arora (Mission San Jose High)Deepika Trivedi (Gomes Elementary)
Jeanene Cannon (Hopkins Junior High 2020)  Tulika Saksena (Hopkins Junior High 2020)
Bhawna Saxena (Mission San Jose High)Promila Rastogi (Mission San Jose High)
geetha Singireddy (Mission San Jose High 2020)Priyanka Sharma (Mission San Jose High 2024)
Naishadh Desai (Mission San Jose High)Dani Nite (Kennedy High)
Padma Talisetti (Mission San Jose High)Venkatesh premchandran (Vallejo Mill Elementary)
Michelle Vargas (Kennedy High 1996)Dale Jin  
Sarah Parker (Azevada Elementary)Lini Liu (American High 2022 and 2023)
Svenja Merx (Forest Park Elementary 2024)Alexis Madrid (Glenmoor Elementary 2023)
Maryam Salassi (Mattos Elementary)  Aswathy Madhu (Mattos Elementary)
Jennifer Hicks (Mattos Elementary)Crystal Christenson (Mattos Elementary)
Heidi Caswell (Vallejo Mill Elementary)Jennifer Cole-Regis (Patterson Elementary)
Anandita sharma (Mattos Elementary 2022)Yogish (Vallejo Mill Elementary)
Sujata Parekh (Warwick Elementary)Kimberly souder (Mattos Elementary)
Michael souder (Mattos Elementary)Joy Steuerwald (Mattos Elementary)
Madhura Doppa (Washington High)Kasey Yamada (Warwick Elementary)
Amber La Piana (Glenmoor Elementary)James Trout (Glenmoor Elementary)  
Emily DunnVanessa Bhullar (Mattos Elementary 2019/2021)  
Julie Francisco (Vallejo Mill Elementary)Courtney Weaver (Glankler Early Learning Center)
Praveen Ikkurthy (Warwick Elementary)Robin Trujillo (Mattos Elementary)  
Neyha Rajan   Qiong Xu (Irvington High 2022)
Melissa Urbano (Brookvale Elementary)  Michele S. (Niles Elementary)
Angeline Cruz (Warwick Elementary 2026)Brandon Morehead (Washington High 2023)
Sancia McNulty (Maloney Elementary)Samra Shoaib (Blacow Elementary)
Gita Vellanki (Horner Junior High)Maria Ponce (Grimmer Elementary)
Donna Schoen Silva (Forest Park Elementary)  Lea atienza (Mission Valley Elementary)
Sean Vora (Mission San Jose High 2001)Anuradha Belde (Chadbourne Elementary 2014)
Sonia Lucero (Kennedy High 2022)Eric Angel (Glenmoor Elementary)
Clint Johns (Niles Elementary)  Tara Mandava (Mission San Jose High)
Chandrakala GansshJordan Green (Warwick Elementary)
Willow Angel (Glenmoor Elementary)Sonia Talreja (Mission San Jose High)
Griffin Yan (Washington High)Christine Armstrong (Glenmoor Elementary)
Rebecca FranklinSeema Gupta (American High 2014)  
Jeffrey Yang (Patterson Elementary)Shwetha Alampalli (Mission San Jose High 2022)
Andréa Subuyuj (Horner Junior High)Anna Knyazyan (Mission San Jose High)
Caihong Zhao (Chadbourne Elementary)Jack Wang (Mission San Jose High)
Shamla Baskar (Mission San Jose High)  Afroze Cassim (Mission San Jose High 2023)
Ivy Yueh (Mission San Jose High)Jyothi Krishnamurthi (Mission San Jose Elementary 2021)  
Maria Ponssen (Washington High)  Ji Lee (Circle of Independent Learning 2023)
Jane Lin (Brookvale Elementary 2015)  Timothy Chapman (Irvington High 1986)  
Jennifer Jovel (Hirsch Elementary 2027)Scarlett Gomez (Washington High)
Salma Shariff-Marco (Warwick Elementary)Daryl Marco (Warwick Elementary)
Karen L. Narveson (Walters Middle)  Mary Chiang
Carol Opiana (Centerville Junior High)Shing Huei Wang (Hopkins Junior High 2020)  
Bob Miller (Irvington High 2010)victor galis (Washington High)
Rashi Kaushik (Chadbourne Elementary)Ana Anguas - Wong   
Tía Kinser (Washington High)Timothy James Enguídanos (Kennedy High)
Mindy DeRouen (Vallejo Mill Elementary)Stacey montakvo (Irvington High 2022)  
Susie Wong (American High 2024)Maya Pandya (Washington High 2024)  
Sabina Vyas (Warwick Elementary 1998)  Amanda Gerdlund (Patterson Elementary)
Ganesh Balamitran (Irvington High)Raji Narayanan (American High 2022)
Agnes Toan (Niles Elementary)  Elly Oliveira (Brier Elementary)
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In FUSD (Gomes, Hopkins, Mission '14) I learnt that the Civil War was primarily a states' rights issue rather than a slavery issue, I never learnt the gravity of the atrocities committed against indigenous populations, and I never learnt about modern US race relations and how the effects of slavery persist through systems such as mass incarceration. More importantly, I never learnt about systemic racism or about how to identify and challenge the racism present in our own communities. FUSD needs to embrace anti-racism and social justice pedagogies and practices now!
FUSD needs to address how its schools are entangled in white supremacy culture in ways that are simultaneously explicit and subtle. It's time that administration and educators confront the ways in which they've been complicit and work towards a better school community that supports all students.
This is great effort! Good luck!!
FUSD administration continues the long practice of ignoring its hardworking teachers, students and their collective needs in the East Bay. Silence and inaction in this matter and other important safety precautions is violence against the BPOC who will and have been disproportionally affected by institutionalized racism.
This is a long overdue conversation I hope will be given its due respect and attention.
All the books I read in 11th grade, the year of "American Literature," were written by white men. That does not represent the full diversity and history of America.
Anti-racism work teaches us how to interrupt bias around all issues including gender, religious, age, economic, ability and race based discrimination. This develops in community members a solid base and common language for dismantling systemic racism and nurturing beloved communities, cooperative lives and relationships that are not exploitive in nature. Critical needs in climate justice, healthcare, criminal justice reform and inequality can be solved by all people working together, not apart. That can only be done in a just society, thank you for doing this work!
I wish my education had this!
FUSD education & awful SROs have been incredibly harmful to myself and my family. The prevalent racism and white supremacy within the system was a large reason to why I was unable to graduate from MSJHS.
Let's continue to evolve and progress
I am a former student and now I am a classroom teacher. I believe that our district can and must do better to serve our students.
I disagree fairly strongly with 3a and b as I think there's no real need to go so far, but I agree with the majority of the changes proposed.
Students of color deserve to see their stories reflected in the curriculum taught to them, and they deserve a safe environment to learn.
Sometimes students don't realize how problematic a class is until they leave because it's so normalized. It's FUSDs job to make sure they never have to have that revelation at all.
Stop the pipeline of Latino students getting bussed to Robertson High School.
This is a great commitment for us to do better for our students and the future of this country.
This would be a wonderful thing to add. Our kids are confused with all this going on and don’t understand
No racism or bullying anytime
Teachers need racial sensitivity training. Teachers who make racist comments or discriminate on the basis of race must be warned, suspended and fired for repeat offenses.
Way past time to teach anti-racism. Please read the MSJHS student essay on Medium.com about the anti-Asian racism in the schools.
I would like to shout out Mr. Rath at MSJHS for an already inclusive, embracing English curriculum when I took his course in 2010. He planted the seeds for the kind of flowering of consciousness our generation is having now. I hope FUSD can follow the lead of teachers like him.
Teachers need to be better examples of what not to do or say
We need the change and it needs immediate attention.
I don’t think we should remove the officers that patrol schools because gun violence is becoming a larger problem every year, and we need some kind of authority to make sure everyone is safe. Instead we should make sure officers assigned to schools are open minded and unbiased to create a supportive atmosphere.
I am thankful for the quality of education I received through FUSD (Gomes, Hopkins, MSJHS). However, there are many things that I wish I'd learned before college, and I believe that the curriculum needs to reflect the sociopolitical needs of our time. We have the tools, knowledge, and resources to make it happen. Students, especially those who do not experience as many hardships as others, need exposure to difficult topics so they know how to respond when people need their help, or when they identify injustices in their local communities.
Students should be able to learn in an environment that is equal for all people, and we should be given more opportunities to learn from different point of views.
It’s always a bit difficult to see the issues of the system while we’re in the middle of it’s gears.
Throughout my 1st-12th grade education in the FUSD school district, I’m lucky to have experienced minimal discrimination or other negative experiences on account of my race and gender, an Asian female with a white parent. Not everyone is this lucky. I’m signing as someone privileged so that someone that isn’t knows that they are supported in their journey to a future centered on racial equality through diversity.
Leaving my majority Asian high school, I realize truly what a bubble we lived in and the lack of exposure to a real racist reality we live in and that I along with my peers, and the staff, have perpetuated and excused from ourselves. As for the education itself, it is incredibly shocking to me that some of the serious realities of racism against POC I was hearing about for the very first time in higher education. (ie I can only remember my junior year history teacher showed us a film about the reality of anti miscegenation that gave me at least a glimpse of exposure—and even then, my classmates were entirely unmoved and/or inattentive, perhaps partially because of how racism against us as Asians AND against minorities that we aren’t exposed to has been normalized and that is not okay) Hope changes to the curriculum, the changes to our police force, changes to how we acknowledge our roles as students and teachers — all of these I hope will bring serious active recognition and reconciliation as I have gradually faced in myself and in our community only AFTER I left high school. We can all do better, and I really wish for healing amongst the current students and the alumni and the staff so that we can change and do better, so that we can stop having temporary moments of change and instead have real movements.
I had no idea what Juneteenth was until I heard about it on the news in June 2020; I’ve studied US History all throughout my educational career.
Let's work together to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for our diverse community!
I can’t believe this is something we have to petition for. Shame.
Change starts with the youth. Anyway, yeeto the cheeto 2020
let’s get some justice
Please help us and do something about the environment.
Do better MSJHS and FUSD. It was an incredibly toxic environment during my time and was even more so during my sister’s time. I hope this petition and movement enact real change- the current and future generation of kids deserve better.
After reading all of the posts and listening to people’s stories, something needs to change. Let this be the first step.
We are a community and we should be equal to each and every member of the community. My two children and various other children has suffered a lot stressful days in Junior High School and High School. It’s time students voices are heard.
Many parents in the Asian community were opposed to or indifferent to the BLM movement and were silent to how Asians oppress African-Americans and other ethnic groups on the basis of skin color. The sudden shift in activism of the parent community ,now that systemic racism is being detected in the local school system, shows a conditional level of support. Both white and Asian communities need to take more accountability for how certain facets in their cultures oppress others instead of just pointing fingers at each other whenever they feel oppressed. We need correct these deragatory ideas with education! Teach our youth to lift up those who are marginalized instead of fueling detrimental ideas that turn them into oppressors. Teach our youth to teach their parents. This way, our community can change as a whole.
DIVERSIFY HIRING OF QUALIFIED NON WHITE TEACHERS to match the student body. Retaining the qualified non white teachers has been a BIG PROBLEM due to racist administration evaluating them. DIVERSIFY DIVERSIFY DIVERSIFY
It is haunting to see how although we are constantly being drowned in a sea of stress, racism and aggression from our elders, we have remained completely oblivious to it in fear of punishment. As a school, as a district, and as a community, we must create change or face the consequences.
The top-to-bottom lack of diversity in the FUSD school system not only clearly holds its BIPOC students back, but also poorly equips its non-BIPOC students when it comes to being positive agents in an increasingly diverse country.
Commit to learning and teaching the realities of race and systemic racism in America.
Increasing diversity and providing additional support for students who face systematic discrimination should be a high priority
DIVERSIFY the ADMIN & TEACHERs-Need multi-ethnic & Multicultural teachers group to match the student body in the school of attendance. They don't even HIRE any HIGHLY QUALIFIED NON WHITE teachers into FUSD, when such people apply. Or When the hire, it is just for ONE year ONLY and they are NOT retained and TENURED. All because of WHITE ADMINISTRATION AND WHITE ADMIN IN THE DISTRICT OFFICE. There is SO MUCH discrimination in within HIRING. NON WHITE Teachers are discriminated in HIRING, EVALUATION, Retention, TENURE...etc..
I support all of what’s in this petition
Awesome work to the students putting this together! Without struggle there is no progress!
As a mixed student I’ve faced racist comments from both white and Asian members of the community (I’m half white half afghan). I desperately want to see change in the FUSD community with teachers but also with the students.
Cut your ties with FPD!
I have been a part of a group of students at Kennedy that are working with our teachers and admin in order to begin implementing anti-racist practices on campus. We need district support in order to continue to make a meaningful impact! This MUST NOT be swept under the rug for being “too political” or “too controversial”, for it is neither of those things. Support ALL of the children that are counting on you every day!
Over the years, I have realized that as a student, I hardly learned about diverse parts of history. Don’t say that if I wanted to learn about it, that I should have self studied. It should be taught in school starting elementary
needs to be done
ON SROs specifically, especially because money is tight right now, SROs are not the best use of school funding when considering safety. Money is better used to buy cleaning supplies, hire custodians, and hire janitors
Together we go farther ! We must stop racism together .
Now is the time!
This nation, state and city is diverse. The history taught should reflect the varied backgrounds of the people who paved the way to create what America looks like now, instead of an outdated stereotype and narrow narrative.
As a teacher I would like to see antiracist conversations embraced within the district. I would like to see conversations taking place between staff and students (we have started this process at Kennedy and it’s been wonderful). I would also like to see a change in our curriculum. Books that highlight Black authors and BIPOC main characters. Books should also include Black joy.
Social Studies curriculum tends to be Eurocentric.
There should be no doubt about that this is a crucial topic!
As a parent, librarian, and person, I strongly feel that racism and bias need to be addressed in our district.
I would love to see FUSD take a stronger anti-racist approach including abandoning celebrating Dr. Suess, Colombus, and teaching more about how Indigenous people and Black people were treated in history. It is my responsibility as a parent to teach my child this, yes. But it doesn’t seem right that we should perpetuate a white version of history when we have such a diverse population.
FUSD is a crucial part of cultivating anti-racism among its students, teachers, staff, and communities. This petition is just the beginning in creating more justice through education. Ending the school to prison pipeline, ridding our schools of threatening police presence, educating students, having more BIPOC teachers for students to have as mentors, etc.
We can change the world if we change our education system. Children are sponges and they have an innate sense of justice. We need to shape our curriculum to better equip students with the tools to fight the overwhelming ignorance in our country.
It’s disgusting that BIPOC students are disproportionately affected by zero tolerance policies. It’s disappointing that there isn’t enough books written by BIPOC authors. It’s disappointing that history classes do not teach enough BIPOC history. We need more history about BIPOC people. We don’t need more zero tolerance policies. We don’t need school resource officers since, we need guidance counselors. We need to create a more safer environment for BIPOC students. We need to end the school to prison pipeline.
This is important and needs to be taught
We are causing psychological distress for our black and brown students. We need to not only implement an anti racist curriculum but incorporate it within all subjects.
Racism shouldn’t be tolerated under any circumstance, it makes our learning environment feel unsafe!
Our history curriculum reinforces White nationalism & is extremely eurocentric. My students learned from me the difference between explorers and exploiters.
I have experienced both overt racism and racial insensitivity in this district as a student; I have experienced racial insensitivity and observed racial insensitivity and systemic racism in my ONE year as a full time teacher. Education is the antidote to our ails. Please support
Growing up as an African American Student in FUSD and now, I am a teacher in FUSD. I can fully relate to this and I support this.
This is a great way for Fremont to set an example for embedding anti-racism into our community. Let’s get on the right side of history and strengthen our future leaders!
By 6th grade, my FUSD elementary school taught me that if there was ever a "he said, she said" dispute between a Black student and a White student, the Black student will be punished. Explicit racism was tolerated from when I was mocked for my traditionally Black hairstyle as the only Black student in my math class and called the n-word by a student at Horner to when a classmate at Irvington announced to our class that he was moving out of CA for college to get away from non-White people. A decade apart, my sister and I both experienced academic advisors who discouraged us and told us that we shouldn't apply to universities that we would later be admitted to. The conversation about both explicit and implicit racism throughout the school system is long overdue. It's time for accountability and change.
I suffered a great deal of racism and hate at Irvington High School. The staff may be even worse than the student body. I would never allow a child of mine to attend this school unless there was a drastic change in leadership with regards to racism.
Standing up for what's right!
This is long overdue.
it would be really really great if fusd stopped implementing policies and a curriculum with roots in white supremacist ideas that’s not much to ask
Every time someone has suggested implementing any of these solutions to general racial inequity, FUSD always shot them down because they were already too busy with something else whether it be the budget or a new construction project. It’s one thing (and understood) for FUSD to be busy, but there are some things a public school district can never be *too* busy for. These ideas should have been implemented YESTERDAY.
The last several decades have shown us that teaching children to not be racist, and voicing lightweight support for "equality and diversity" does not change the deeply ingrained racism in our society. We need to do better. We need to raise our children to be actively anti-racist. This starts at home and in our schools. Parents have the responsibility to do everything we can at home, but this must also be reinforced at school. No time to wait, the time is now.
This is crucially important for all students in light of ongoing and persistent racial issues in the country. Thanks for starting this initiative!
As a Latino student I was constantly harassed and often accused of many things that were in fact not true. Some things I was accused of while at fusd have stuck with me mentally to this very day and has been a detriment to my mental health.
Now is the time to make anti-racist training and anti-racist curriculum a priority.
It's sad to say we need to teach anti racism to reverse the racist programming our kids got from other places... But we need it.
This issue was sewed into the fabric of our society long ago. It's way past overdue for a change.
Always strive to be better than you were yesterday
Long overdue
all lives matter, but in order for that to occur, black lives come first.
Alek Gent-Vincent
I wholeheartedly believe this petition and the policies it advocates for are the first steps in institutionalizing cultural awareness and mindfulness. By teaching future generations of high school students the importance of racial equity and fairness through curricula and implementation, FUSD can play a role in instilling these reformative necessities into industry and society as a whole.
I strongly agree with the diversification of the reading curriculum. The main point of reading literature, as I was taught, was for us to learn critical thinking and comprehension skills. However, reading a broader range of books from authors of varying backgrounds (not just old white men), would've helped me form a more holistic view of the world informed by more perspectives.
We need to move beyond teaching racism as a thing of the past and ignoring the continued systemic racism. One way to make a change in the system (and education is a BIG cog in that system) is to help all students (i.e. future contributing adult members of society) be explicitly taught and given tools to help recognize and dismantle racism within their own spheres of influence.
Concerned African-American Elementary PE Teacher.
We must support all students equitably. This means teaching, learning, and living anti-racist principles, practices, and values.
I would like to be involved with this committee. Is there an email I can contact or can you please reach out to me?
I think this is an incredible project to help develop more equality within the schools. Education should reflect the students.
The more educated at a young age from both school and from home, the better each generation will be. I wish there was more of this all those years ago when I was in school
Victor Galis
This is very necessary and something I had been advocating for since I began teaching--22years ago.
This is a necessity more than ever.
I hope this petition signals a shift in consciousness in Fremont, launching greater awareness of students of color whose lives and needs we too rarely notice, and even less often build policies to protect and nurture.
So glad this is being thoughtfully addressed- thank you
More Ethnic Studies classes
Let’s move away from “that’s the way it’s always been done.” It’s time to empower our students with transparency and for FUSD to assess their role in systemic racism and how they can dismantle
President of Speech & Debate, President of MSJ DECA
The purpose of any school and it's affiliations is to educate and meet the needs of the community of people it serves. Our community is ready and willing to engage in anti-racist learning and practices. As an education system, we have a duty to step up and meet that need.
E racism
REAL changes need to be made and PRACTICED to start the remedy of this ongoing injustice.
While I do believe that police reforms are required, I would be against the notion of totally dismissing them. Rather, the problem is that too many officers rely on power to keep law in check, without proper judgement to decide when its ok to physically attack someone when concerned about a crime. We must teach them methods that can keep crimes at bay without relying on violence.
Conscious inclusiveness
FUSD has skeletons in their closet, ask for records from 2001-2006. Look what they did to my Black classmates. Their all in jail or deceased. WHS-AHS-IHS-RHS-VISTA all of the admin resigned or left education because of the NSFW things that happened.
Need to know the outcome of this petition
FUSD please keep your promises. Move forward to ensure equity for all
One's race shall not dictate who they are and what they can do. We are much more than the color of our skin.